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Creating Transparency Through Technology

Imagine a world where you can get an instant status on your company's internal workflows. What's the current status of a given project or who is doing what?

At mt digital we believe in creating transparency in your workflows through strong webbased tools build to your business needs.

We work closely with our customers to analyze how we best support you with flexible tools that serves your needs exactly.

We are not in the business of just taking existing tools and customizing them. Instead we work with you to build original tools for your business.

Our Approach

In the Cloud

Our tools are web based so you can access them from your smartphone or laptop anywhere in the world.

Your Set the Direction

We build our tools in close corporation with you. We don't dictate your needs, you do.

The Secret Ingredience

We love usability. We design tools for the end user, not for the engineers. We are passionate about the user experience.

Automation Over Manual

We strive at automating processes whenever possible. There's no need to have your staff do whatever a computer can automate.

Our Work

Finance System for Associative Clubs

mt digital helped a group of associative clubs manage their finances through a simpel interface. The system allowed the group's cashiers to manage the clubs finances and members of the board could post expenditures back into the system. The system also has a build in billing system that would write out PDF invoices for their members.


At mt digital we love photography. So we decided to build the community PhotoShowOff ourselves. Here photo interested can upload and share their own photographies and get feedback from our community. It's our hope that our users will find like minded people on the site and engage in healthy criticism of each others creative productions.

Lead Management

We've build a small system to manage incoming leads for an event coordinator. The system would allow an administrator to distribute incoming leads to suppliers and for each case document current progress.

Data Processing

With a constant flow of data from various sources, mt digital helped a customer get a well organized management system to clean the data and link incoming data together across various sources, allowing them to build a streamlined end product to their consumers.